• Soraia Soraia When pop music producer Obie O'Brien was ready to introduce his latest discovery to the entertainment industry, A1M delivered with this "70s-look" debut music video.
  • MEI MEI Group Makers of the most advanced automated money-handling machines in the world relied on A1M to produce both detailed training and web-based promotion videos for its popular Bank Note Recycler.
  • Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals A leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals relied on A1M to report the results of extensive clinical trials to physicians and other healthcare professionals accurately and without errors.
  • Medical Devices Medical Devices As a medical device maker prepared for a recent acquisition, A1M was hired to help smooth the complex transition by providing editorial services designed to introduce employees of each company to one another.
  • Personal Development Personal Development A top success training firm used A1M and the Internet to effectively keep their world-wide subscriber base up to date and on target.
  • Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals BTK Communications Group allowed A1M to assist in designing and completing this fast-paced, quarterly video newsletter in record time and under budget.
  • ASC Process Systems ASC Process Systems The world’s leading maker of aerospace and nuclear grade autoclaves engaged A1M to produce a series of training and product knowledge videos for their revamped website.
  • Paul Mitchell Paul Mitchell When corporate management at Paul Mitchell needs to get a message out fast, they turn to A1M to get the job done. Usually shot in-house, A1M acquires the footage, edits, composites and delivers- often within 24 hours.


We Complete You.

All 1 Media is a full-service television production group. Developed by long-time editor and producer Dave Muehsam, All 1 Media was created to provide easy access to superior video production services that are second to none without the stress and complexity often associated with top-tier television production. Working with your creative team, we can develop a program based on your goals and carry it from concept to completion. A1M specializes in Corporate Communications including Sales Meeting Support, Marketing Updates, Internet Training, Interactive Education and Advertising. We’re also pretty good at producing un-scripted documentaries of live events for entertainment and historical value. All 1 Media is an unimposing consortium of talented and experienced artists and technicians whose dedication to their craft is reflected in every job. We all love what we do.


We use high-definition cameras and digital audio recording so you can be confident your program will look and sound great. Your content will be produced to the highest technical standards known to man. Whether your target audience is web-based or convention-sized, your content will be crisp and clear. Our producers and crews are versatile, competent and above all else, creative.


Using state of the art post-production software, we finish every project to the highest quality possible in the shortest amount of time. Surpassing the efficiency of high-dollar, high-volume production facilities, our boutique studios offer unparalleled service with 24/7 access to our staff. The edit suite is where it all comes together- the technology of modern communications and the time-tested art of storytelling.


iPhone to IMAX, we can prepare your content for distribution to any audience, anywhere. Our experience with Internet formats and codecs and International distribution standards enables your message to reach across town or around the world (using as few clichés as possible). Whatever your target audience may be, we excel at utilizing the most effective and efficient methods of delivery to get the job done.